Boy who built his own bike due to lack of money to buy it, gets one as gift


On the 15th of December, one Lara Wise posted about her encounter with 5-year-old Godwin Musa, a boy she met during her evangelism and welfare visit to a slum in Abuja. She said Musa’s childhood
dream, apart from growing up into a very responsible man, is to own a bicycle.


She said he sleeps and wakes up with this dream after seeing and riding the bicycle only in his dreams. So, guess what? He did what many adults won’t do. Instead of waiting and wailing, Instead of getting angry and depressed over what he can’t have, he started from somewhere.


He built a bicycle from scraps. And he rides it with so much pride!!! Musa said: “Since my father cannot afford a bicycle for me, I decided to make one myself.” Lisa ended the post by saying: “Ladies and gentlemen, shouldn’t we get a bicycle for Godwin? Ehn?????” A Good Samaritan saw the post and has now bought him a new bicycle….. worth N5m……



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