Man loses 44kg of weight after his fat meme went viral


In March, 2014, a picture of topless Paul Moore, 26, at a music festival, was shared thousands of times on Facebook, with bullies telling him he was ‘so fat he should be shot.’ While some called him ‘disgusting’, a
‘fat f***’, ‘a whale on a day out’.


He was even more devastated when a meme of him appeared in a mag with the caption: ‘Make extra beer money by renting yourself as a human forklift for less mobile punters.’ His picture was shared over 30,000 times, generating over 10,000 comments.


But Moore who weighed 133kg back then, decided to turn the negative comments into a positive. He has since lost 44kg, by ditching all the boozy nights out and fast food and, instead, going to the gym 3 times a week. His goal weight is 76kg….. he says ds is one of d merits of cyberbullies…..


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