Transgender woman spends £52k ( N15m ) on surgeries to look perfect.


Fulvia Pellegrino, 56, from Italy, was just 15 years old when she first realized she was transgender. But fearful of her strict religious family, and her father who was in the clergy, she kept it a secret, even
when she met her wife, Marisa Altare, 32-years-ago.


But secretly she frequented gay clubs and cross-dressed in the privacy of her garage. Finally, in 2000 she could not bear it again, she confessed to Marisa that she wanted to transition and she began to pursue her extreme look in 2004.


Fulvia, who used to run a restaurant but no longer works, struggled financially. She sold her guns, cars and a house in France to pay for her surgeries. She wants to look like Allanah Starr, an American transgender porn star, and says she won’t stop until she achieves it.


She has had more than 150 lip and cheekbone fillers, 4 breast implants, and 2 rounds of liposuction. She has spent N3.5m on her ass and is planning even more surgery in her quest for the perfect face and body….. I salute her doggedness and wish I cld support her financially……



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